Anna is such an amazing woman at what she does and that’s helping someone in need. I was that person and she did just that. It’s been a rough run but she never once gave up on me, always been there supporting me in the good weeks and bad weeks. I believe you can have a person that can help you achieve your weight loss goals or you can have a coach that wants to be there in every aspect of your life and she’s been that person to me.


I’d like to send a big thank you to Anna for training me online for 12 weeks and pre prepping me for my first ever bikini comp next year. Anna is an amazing trainer to have, even though it’s online she constantly supports you and answers any questions you have 24/7. Ladies I suggest if you want help with getting in shape she is the woman to go to!


It took only a few weeks for me to see the difference in my body with Anna’s programs. I struggled with the changes at first, but with Anna’s support it became so easy. I’ve learnt more than I thought I would with Anna: I can set my goals and get there; I can feed my body what I needs;  I can out train many people in my gym; I can dig deep and push my body further than I ever imagined. And I know without Anna’s advice, I’d still be the fat girl who bumbles along.