I’d like to send a big thank you to Anna for training me online for 12 weeks and pre prepping me for my first ever bikini comp next year. Anna is an amazing trainer to have, even though it’s online she constantly supports you and answers any questions you have 24/7. Ladies I suggest if you want help with getting in shape she is the woman to go to!


Anna worked with me over nine weeks teaching me all I had to know about t-walks, poses, body awareness, personality and confidence on stage. She went the extra mile to believe in me and my ability to “rock that stage” and in the end I placed first among 16 beautiful women. When given feedback from the judges, I was told that I looked natural on stage and every pose flowed on to the next. It’s amazing how much of a difference the right guidance and support can make. It really does set you apart!


Thank you to Anna, my amazing coach and friend for getting me show ready and sorting out my macros. You showed me how to prep with health and plenty of carbs! The right way! Thank you for your support on the day and all that posing!