I’m a 39yr old mother of 3 and was frustrated with the excess kgs I was carrying. After a week from starting with Anna I was surprised how much better I felt. This program also gave me the energy to study and succeed. I was aiming for a loss of 6kgs and to my surprise I lost  nearly 10kgs. I am happier than ever and to this day I have managed to keep the weight off. If you are ready to take control of your life, try this program – IT WORKS!!!


Anna worked with me over nine weeks teaching me all I had to know about t-walks, poses, body awareness, personality and confidence on stage. She went the extra mile to believe in me and my ability to “rock that stage” and in the end I placed first among 16 beautiful women. When given feedback from the judges, I was told that I looked natural on stage and every pose flowed on to the next. It’s amazing how much of a difference the right guidance and support can make. It really does set you apart!


You have helped me get through what has been the most stressful, turbulent and challenging time in my life and no amount of ‘thank yous’ can ever convey how much that has meant to me… You and your support and advice helped me not only keep my health and wellbeing on track but gave me something positive to focus on and succeed in. I am heading on the next stage of my journey as the fittest, healthiest and strongest version of myself both mentally and physically.